🥴 Woozy Emoji: Digital Language’s Drunken Persona 🍻

Written by: Bernice
Modified: Ago 20, 2021

They call 🥴 the «woozy emoji». A description befitting its dazed and confused face. It belongs to the emoji faces group, and it’s probably one of those crazy emoji types that have no real value. The 🥴 Woozy emoji was born in 2018 and since then has been making waves for many of its users. Like all other emojis, they can be found on different platforms.

The emojis are there wherever you go. It can be both frustrating and entertaining. There was even a movie based on their very existence. If you’ve watched it, you can tell how much effort was made to make it. The same goes for emojis and their creators. Back then, their simpler forms were emoticons. That was until the invention of six hundred and twenty-five emojis was launched. Things got more expressive after that.

Emojis have become a new form of language for us. Before we could only like things on Facebook even when the post was sad. Now there’s a range of emojis listed for the right reaction. You no longer have to “like” the announcement of a friend’s cryptic message. You can put the 😕 Confused emoji to depict your confused face or a 🙃 Sarcasm emoji to shade your friend a little.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s talk about the woozy face of emoji and all of its wavy glory instead. What makes it tick? Why was it invented? And how do you even use it? Languages are all about communication. Emojis allow us to communicate our thoughts and feelings. Therefore, it’s a language. It’s got everything checked out. Some are so adept at using emojis they can form sentences with no words.


Woozy Face Emoji: Meaning and Background

woozy emoji, woozy face emoji

The 🥴 Woozy Face emoji may change depending on what platform or software you’re on. Either way, no one can deny the weird face it makes out. The only similar aspects of it are the uneven eyes and the wavy smile. Think of your traditional smile emoji. Now think of that smile emoji at two AM, trying to keep a straight face. It’s been through a rough week and it is payday for the woozy face emoji. That’s basically what the woozy face emoji is.

It’s also the drunk emoji. The drunk face we all make is finally placed into a tiny cringe emoji. Still, the description of the emoji varies depending on who you’re talking to. When it came out, Twitter users poked in some disgusting or sexual innuendos around it. Some said that it was the face a person would make when they would have an orgasm. Others said it’s the face you make when you’re about to have explosive diarrhea.

The woozy emoji joined Unicode 11.0 in 2018. It was called «Face with Uneven Eyes and Wavy Mouth.» Since then there have been interchangeable nicknames for it. Notable ones are the drunk emoji and confused emoji. Its codepoint is U+1F974.

Definition of Woozy

drunk woman feeling woozy

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The word woozy means hazy or mentally unclear. If you feel woozy, it means that you’re feeling weak and dizzy. When you describe something as woozy, it means having a vague quality. This is something we can feel when we’re drunk.

You could say it fits the “face with uneven eyes and wavy mouth” description. By the way, that’s what it’s actually called.


Woozy Emoji on Different Platforms

woozy emoji on different platforms

All of the woozy emojis have one thing in common: the wavy smile and uneven eyes. It all depends on how they’ve been perceived. Samsung’s woozy emoji has a crooked smile. Apple’s version winks. WhatsApp’s woozy emoji is the funniest of all. Its eyes are actually uneven. The left pupil is upwards while the right one stays down. There’s even a tongue hanging off of it. No other woozy face version has this. For Google, it’s a lot similar to Apple’s except for the eyes being half-open. Facebook’s design is minimalistic. It only has a small view of the left eye’s pupil. Microsoft’s choice of pupils is two ovals. The left oval is similar to a pill. The other one is cut in half.


Use of the Woozy Emoji by Generations

The woozy face emoji can be interpreted by various types of people. There is a formula to it, though. Generations have had different opinions regarding many things. Emojis are one of those things.

Gen Z Woozy Emoji

Generation Z is at its peak at the moment. They were born after 1996 and the oldest turning twenty-four. These are also the kids that ate tide pods for fun. As the youngest in this list that will tell you how they use the emoji, it’s only fitting that they’re the most tech-savvy of them all.

Usage: They actually don’t use this emoji as much as the millennials do. This is probably because they prefer other emojis to convey their emotions. Still, they use it to convey confusion or cringe.

Millennial Woozy Emoji

Millennials are the avocado-loving adulting folks of this modern era. They have some grasp of the emoji language. This is because they were born during their creation. To millennials, the emojis are like siblings they grew up with.

Usage: It was mostly Millennials who jumpstarted the Twitter discussion regarding the woozy face emoji. To them, it means to hold in the fart or feel intoxicated. They also add in some cute ones, like feeling infatuated with someone. A less attractive reason is the orgasm part.

Gen X Woozy Emoji

If you ever wondered what teen spirit smells like, it’s probably Gen X. The angst in this generation during its peak was insane. Although they weren’t raised with emojis and some have a bit of tech trouble, they are one of the most laid-back of the generations. Some insight on their usage would be helpful.

Usage: They use this to convey confusion or intoxication. There’s nothing more or less about that.


Popular Meanings of the Woozy Emoji

Similar to the 🤤 Drooling emoji, the woozy face emoji is popularly used to intend sexual tones. You could be “thirsty” for someone so much that your face makes these kinds of expressions. A more infamous meaning of the woozy face emoji is orgasm. It’s got a face similar to ahegao faces that anime girls make in hentai. It’s a face that shows extreme satisfaction with no inhibition. Another less sexual meaning would be the attempt to hold in a fart or finally releasing that poop you’ve been holding on to.

Woman imitate orgasmic face

Image from Adobe Stock

It’s all about the context in the end. Listed below are some ways you can use the woozy emoji:

🥴🍻 – I’m drunk!

You can actually pair the woozy emoji with all the other alcoholic drink emojis. This is because it matches all of them. We’ve chosen to use the two beers since it’s the most commonly used to signal cheers.

🥴💘 – I’m in love.

Some people use the woozy emoji to describe a fluttering heart. Whenever someone you like does something that makes your heart skip a beat, it could make you feel butterflies in your stomach. That’s also similar to feeling woozy.

🥴💦 – I’m in the mood.

This isn’t as self-explanatory as it may seem. Using the water droplets emoji can add a sense of sexual innuendo. Especially since many people coincide with the woozy emoji to sexual tendencies.

🥴❓❓❓ – What?

Whether you can’t believe someone just did something or you’re genuinely unaware, adding question marks beside the woozy emoji indicate a sense of confusion.



There’s not much to say about the woozy face emoji that doesn’t sound hysterical. We’re sure it’s not the emoji you send to your grandparents, and it’s definitely not appropriate for condolence. However, its impact on the meme community has been set in stone. The woozy face emoji won’t die out soon. Regardless of whether you think it’s a good one or a bad one.