🍉 The Ultimate 🥵 Hot Emoji List For The Summer ☀️

Written by: Ortega
Modified: Ago 29, 2022

You can feel it in your fingers, you can feel it in your toes… The sunny skies, trips to the beach, the rising temperature… Summer is here! After a seemingly endless winter, summer is finally showing itself in many fun and cool ways. There’s the change in temperature, a change in leisure activities, and, to accompany it all, a change in online conversations. It’s time to bring the hot emoji out to play!

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Hot Emoji

Hot emoji, Hot Face emoji

Soon, it’ll be what most people are talking about — the sun, the sand, the sea, and the hot weather! In fact, in relation to that, as early as now, many people are using the 🥵 Hot emoji, or the 🥵 Hot Face emoji, to talk about summer. In case you’re wondering, the Hot emoji is a symbol of someone feeling the heat. The emoji shows a reddish-orange face with furrowed brows, its tongue hanging out, and one or more beads of sweat running down its face.


Hot Emoji Across Platforms

hot face emojis on different platforms

To add to that, the number and position of the sweat droplet of the 🥵 Hot emoji vary across platforms. The Twitter version of the 🥵 Hot emoji is more pinkish, while a square, black outline surrounds the Windows version’s 🥵 Hot emoji.

One of the great things about the 🥵 Hot emoji is how flexible it is. It can suit a multitude of different situations, all the while conveying a straightforward and easy-to-comprehend idea.

Are you tired from running on the beach? Or is your face red because you spent the whole day fishing on a boat? Whatever the reason, the 🥵 Hot emoji will be your best friend from the beginning till the end of summer.

You bet the 🥵 Hot emoji is popular, but it isn’t the only summer-worthy emoji out there. In fact, there are a lot, and we’re more than happy to share them all with you!

In this list, we dive into the 16 best emojis for having fun in the sun. See if your emojis made it to the list!


List Of Summer Emojis

Sunglasses Emoji

Sunglasses, Sunglasses emoji, Shades, Shades emoji

The 🕶️ Sunglasses emoji shows a pair of black sunglasses, worn to protect the eyes from the sun’s rays. No summer look is complete without a pair of cool sunglasses!

Couple wearing sunglasses at the beach, wearing sunglasses at the beach, Enjoying the beach with sunglasses

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The 🕶️ Sunglasses emoji is the emoji embodiment of cool. If you want to describe someone or something as cool, chill, or easygoing, this is the best emoji to use. The emoji also works as a symbol of appreciation and approval. The 🕶️ Sunglasses emoji functions as a stand-in for the sentiments of “ok” or “awesome.”

How to use the 🕶️ Sunglasses emoji:
🕶️ Flaunting my new 💇‍♀️ haircut and 👙 bikini at the beach today!
No matter how stressful it gets at work, John keeps his cool 🕶️


Sun Emoji

Sun emoji. Apple version of the Sun emoji, Sun symbol

The ☀️ Sun emoji shows the sun as an orange disk with radiating rays. The ☀️ Sun emoji represents sunny or hot weather and positive and happy feelings.

woman basking in the sun, summer sun, summer emoji list

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How to use the ☀️ Sun emoji:
The Sun is out now! ☀️ This is the perfect time for a swim! 🏊‍♂️
It’s just 🕙 10 am, but I am already sweating 🥵☀️
Cherry is always in a happy mood. She has a sunny personality ☀️ I wonder if she ever gets sad.


Bikini Emoji

Bikini, Bikini emoji, Polka dot bikini, Apple bikini, Bikini Apple version

The 👙 Bikini emoji is an image of a two-piece polka dot bikini worn by women on the beach or while doing watersports. It’s important to note, however, that the color of the bikini varies on some platforms, Google and Apple’s 👙 Bikini emoji is pink, while Facebook’s version is orange with a small ribbon.

Girl in bikini, girl in polka dot bikini, girl in red bikini

Photo from PeakPx.com

People use the 👙 Bikini emoji in topics about beaches, vacations, and swimming in the sea.

How to use the 👙 Bikini emoji:
All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go to the Bahamas 👙
Got all I need to swim in the sea 👙


Tropical Drink Emoji

Tropical drink, summer drink, Tropical Drink emoji

The 🍹 Tropical Drink emoji is an illustration of a cocktail glass with a citrus fruit, tiny umbrella, and straw on top.

Tropical drink, beach drink, drink by the beach

Photo from Caribbean Pirates

You’ve seen all the movies… a guy or girl lying on the beach or near a pool, tropical drink in a hand, wearing a wide-brimmed hat. Summer is never complete without a scenario similar to this. That said, the 🍹 Tropical Drink emoji signifies having fun, relaxing, and enjoying one’s vacation.

On another note, the 🍹 Tropical Drink emoji looks different across platforms. Google and LG’s glasses are smaller than the others, while Facebook’s version contains ice cubes.

How to use the 🍹 Tropical Drink emoji:
What a way to end the week, with my favorite cocktail by the beach 🍹
I just saw Mary’s Instagram post, she’s now at the beach in Mexico kicking back a cold drink 🍹I’ve got major vacation envy!


Spiral Shell Emoji

Spiral Shell emoji, Shell emoji, Shell symbol

The 🐚 Spiral Shell emoji is an image of a gray seashell shaped like a spiral. It should be noted that on other platforms, the shell is a different color. For instance, on Facebook, the shell is cream-colored and on Twitter, the shell is of a gray color.

Seashell, seashell on rocks, pink seashell

Photo from Western Arctic National Parklands

People commonly use the 🐚 Spiral Shell emoji in conversations about beaches and ocean life.

How to use the 🐚 Spiral Shell emoji:
Nothing beats walking along the beach, watching the sunrise while searching for seashells 🐚
My ultimate dream is to live by the beach and collect seashells 🐚 Someday, I know it will come true.


Fire Emoji

Fire, Fire emoji, Apple version of Fire emoji, Fire symbol

The 🔥 Fire emoji is a picture of a burning flame with reddish-orange edges and a whitish-yellow core flickering over a campfire or burning fireplace. Emoji users should note that the color and design of the Fire emoji varies by platform. For example, Microsoft’s version has a reddish-orange tinge, while the iOS version features brighter, sharper, red flames, and a lighter yellow inner flame.

Fire, flame, picture of a fire, photo of a flame

The 🔥 Fire emoji symbolizes sexual attractiveness. See someone at the beach and you want to say they look hot, in fact, they’re as hot as a flame? Pick the 🔥 Fire emoji!

How to use the 🔥 Fire emoji:
Daniel showed off his beach bod today 🔥Whew! My eyes nearly burned! 🔥
Aileen turned up the heat at the beach when she showed up in a 👙 Damn! 🔥


Radio Emoji

Radio, analog radio, Radio emoji, brown radio, old radio

The 📻 Radio emoji is an image of an analog radio with an antenna, dial, and knobs. Many years ago, people listened to music and the news with this device. The 📻 Radio emoji designs vary across platforms, Google’s version is bright yellow and blue, Twitter’s is gray and black, while Samsung’s version is in different shades of brown with big, white knobs on top.

vintage radio, radio emoji

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Whatever your plans are for the summer, whether you’re going on a road trip or hanging out at the park, you’ll need a soundtrack of the best summer songs to keep you company. This is where the 📻 Radio emoji comes in. It is used in conversations relating to music, songs, notes, or news.

How to use the 📻 Radio emoji:
I’ve got my road trip playlist set, can’t wait to hear all these lovely tunes while driving to the beach 📻
All the best songs are released in the summer 📻 Fight me on this!


Palm Tree Emoji

Palm tree, palm tree emoji, palm tree symbol

The 🌴 Palm Tree emoji shows a palm tree with a tall, brown, and long trunk. Some platforms display the emoji in a slightly different way, Windows encased their 🌴 Palm tree emoji in a black outline, Twitter’s trunk’s got horizontal rings, Facebook’s 🌴 Palm Tree emoji is slimmer than the others.

palm trees, palm tree emoji, summer emoji list

Photo by Sebastien Gabriel on Unsplash

If there’s any plant that will remind you of summer always, it’s the 🌴 palm trees. This is because a palm tree is a symbol of island life. Island life, or island living, as it is sometimes called, is a relaxed way of living. A person experiencing island living resides on an island full of natural wonders, from exotic plants and flowers to caves to gorgeous hot springs.

It’s hardly surprising to learn that the 🌴 Palm Tree emoji is used to represent beaches,  tropical weather, and having fun in the sun.

How to use the 🌴 Palm Tree emoji:
I am so excited about my vacation in the tropics 🌴
When city life gets the best of me as it often does, I think about letting go off my current life and living on a desert island 🌴


Person Swimming

Person swimming, swimmer, swimmer with goggles, swimmer wearing googles

The 🏊 Person Swimming emoji is an image of a person swimming in the ocean, in a pool, or another body of water. Internet platforms Apple, Google, Facebook, Windows, Twitter, Samsung, and Gmail support this emoji. In all of those platforms, the swimmer is facing the left of the screen.

The 🏊 Person Swimming emoji contains different skin tones and variants to fit the ethnicity of the user or the one the user is pertaining to. There are five variants, 🏊🏻 Light Skin Tone Person Swimming, 🏊🏼 Medium-Light Skin Tone Person Swimming, 🏊🏽 Medium Skin Tone Person Swimming, 🏊🏾 Medium-Dark Skin Tone Person Swimming, and 🏊🏿 Dark Skin Tone Person Swimming.

man swimming, swimming emoji, summer emoji list

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Swimming is a great way to cool off on hot summer days and burn calories at the same time. So it’s no wonder it’s grown to be a popular summer activity! The emoji represents the action of swimming, the intention to go for a swim, and the location where this activity can be done.

How to use the 🏊 Person Swimming emoji:
I can’t take the heat anymore, I’m going for a swim 🏊
Are you looking for Neil? He is in the pool, swimming 🏊


Desert Island Emoji

Desert Island, Desert Island emoji, Desert Island symbol

The 🏝️ Desert Island emoji is an image of a small, deserted tropical island. A palm tree is in the middle of the island, and it’s surrounded by water.

Desert Island, little island with sand, island in the middle of the sea, deserted island, lonely island

Photo from Kotaku Australia

People use the 🏝️ Desert Island emoji for several reasons. The first is when talking about vacations in exotic places. If you’re feeling lonely or isolated, the 🏝️ Desert Island emoji is a good emoji to use to express that.

How to use the 🏝️ Desert Island emoji:
Do you ever feel so stressed, you just want to leave everything and everyone around you? 🏝️ living seems like a good option for me now.
Rented a whole island for my yearly holiday 🏝️This is my kind of vacation!


Person Surfing Emoji

Person Surfing emoji, Person Surfing, Surfer on a surfboard emoji, Surfing emoji

The 🏄 Person Surfing emoji is an illustration of a person in blue shorts, riding a wave on an orange surfboard. The emoji’s design varies from platform to platform: Apple’s surfboard has a white, vertical stripe, Twitter’s version is light green, and the person surfing in their version is wearing a black wetsuit.

Another popular feature of the 🏄 Person Surfing emoji is its gender variants, a 🏄‍♂️ Man Surfing emoji and a 🏄‍♀️ Woman Surfing emoji.

man surfing, person surfing emoji, summer emoji list

Photo by mauro paillex on Unsplash

The emoji is used in topics related to surfing, freedom and living on the beach.

How to use the 🏄 Person Surfing emoji:
Ready for my first surfing lesson 🏄 Got myself my surfboard, long, wide, and buoyant, which is what my instructor recommended.
My daughter wants to try surfing 🏄I better get her a rash guard and board shorts, too.


Woman’s Sandal Emoji

Woman's Sandal emoji, Sandal emoji, Brown sandal, Picture of one sandal

The 👡 Woman’s Sandal emoji is a picture of a brown sandal. The sandal is facing right. Colors vary by platform, and some emojis include an ankle strap. Apple’s 👡 Woman’s Sandal emoji is all in brown, Samsung’s upper strap is fuchsia, while JoyPixels is of a lighter pink.

woman sandals, woman sandal emoji, summer emoji list

Photo by Auskteez Tran on Unsplash

Summer dressing isn’t complete until you’ve found a great pair of sandals to bring with you to all your summer adventures, whether that be at the beach or at the park. That said, count on this emoji to show up on a lot of online platforms this summer.

The 👡 Woman’s Sandal emoji appears in topics about fashion and style, and since sandals are footwear most worn in the summer, the 👡 Woman’s Sandal emoji is also used in topics related to weather, summer holidays, and vacations.

How to use the 👡 Woman’s Sandal emoji:
The pair of sandals I bought at Macy’s has a fun pattern of bees and flowers, perfect for summer days 👡
The sandals I bought at Sanuk are durable, comfy, and stylish, excellent for a trek along the beach 👡


Beach With Umbrella Emoji

Beach With Umbrella emoji, Beach With Umbrella symbol, Beach With Umbrella Apple versuin

The 🏖️ Beach With Umbrella emoji is an illustration of a red and white striped umbrella in the sand. Beside the sand are ocean waves. The artwork for the 🏖️ Beach With Umbrella varies by platform, Apple’s version is leaning to the left, while all the others lean to the right. To add to that, Google’s version of the emoji has a star on the beach while the others do not.

Beach With Umbrella photo, Red umbrella on the beach, Beach umbrella with chairs, Red umbrella on the beach with two chairs

Photo from Pixabay

There’s no vacation destination like the beach. You can just imagine how popular this emoji is in the summer! That said, the 🏖️ Beach With Umbrella emoji is used to represent taking a vacation, going on a beach break, or hanging at the seaside. The emoji is also used to indicate good and sunny weather.

How to use the 🏖️ Beach With Umbrella emoji:
Need to work on my tan this year. You know where to find me when we go to the beach 🏖️
Don’t forget to protect yourself when you go to the beach 🏖️ No one wants to have skin cancer.


Shaved Ice Emoji

Shaved Ice emoji, bowl of shaved ice, ice in a bowl, shaved ice with cherry syrup and blue straw

The 🍧 Shaved Ice emoji is a photo of shaved ice with red syrup served in a silver container. It’s available on different platforms, and the design of the emoji varies per platform. Facebook’s version contains three types of syrup, Google’s design’s got a cherry on top, while Windows’ version has a thick, black outline surrounding it.

shaved ice, shaved ice emoji, summer emoji list

Photo from Adobe Stock

People need to cool down for the summer, and one of the most popular ways to cool down is by eating refreshing desserts like shaved ice. On that note, expect the 🍧 Shaved Ice emoji to show up in a lot of conversations this season.

How to use the 🍧 Shaved Ice emoji:
Shaved ice always cools me down 🍧
I’ll pick shaved ice over ice cream anytime 🍧


Tropical Fish Emoji

Tropical fish emoji, fish emoji, tropical fish, blue and green fish

The 🐠 Tropical Fish emoji is a colored illustration of a yellow, orange, and white fish. Major platform vendors Apple, Google, Facebook, Windows, and Twitter support this emoji. But, it should be noted that the design of the fish varies from platform to platform, Apple’s Tropical Fish emoji is light green and bright blue in color, while Google’s version is yellow with black stripes. The Tropical Fish emoji supported by Twitter is light yellow with three orange stripes on its back.

Tropical fish, blue and yellow tropical fish, tropical fish in the sea, fish in the sea, yellow and green tropical fish

Photo from Wikipedia

Emoji lovers use the 🐠 Tropical Fish emoji to talk about fishes, aquarium, the ocean, and going on a vacation.

How to use the 🐠 Tropical Fish emoji:
I am so excited to see all the tropical fish when I go scuba diving this weekend 🐠
Last weekend I bought an aquarium for all my pet fishies 🐠


Watermelon Emoji

Warermelon, slice of watermelon, watermelon emoji, emoji of a watermelon, illustration of a watermelon

The 🍉 Watermelon emoji is a picture of a slice of watermelon. A watermelon is a large, roundish fruit of a trailing vine called Citrullus lanata. It has a hard green rind, sweet, juicy, red pulp, and smooth green skin.

girl eating watermelon, watermelon emoji, summer emoji list

Photo from Adobe Stock

Watermelon is such a great summer fruit because it’s got a lot of water, between 90-92 percent! Lots of people eat watermelon in the summer because its high water content keeps you cool and hydrated, which is important when you’re spending time outside in the heat.

The 🍉 Watermelon emoji is visible in conversations related to healthy eating, summer, vacation, and sunshine.

How to use the 🍉 Watermelon emoji:
Watermelon is my favorite fruit to eat in the summer 🍉
Need to boost my immunity, must eat more fruits 🍉 and vegetables.



summer time, summer emoji list

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So there you have it… all the must-have emojis for the summer! Now you can make your summer getaway even more fun!

Whether you’re in the mood to go to the beach or you’d rather get some sun in a park, don’t forget to plan and take all the precautions. Decorate your posts with all those fun, fab summer emojis we mentioned, but never reveal too much personal information through social media. Think before you post! While a beautifully filtered snapshot of your passport might seem like a cool thing to share, it’s probably better to keep it yourself. Keep sensitive documents out of your social media, and you should be fine. But don’t forget to have fun, too! Summer 2020 happens only once in a lifetime, so make the most out of it.